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Goodbye factory time. Hello Bitcoin Standard Time (BST). 


Time is Money = Money is Time

The BLOCKWATCH displays a derivative of standard time, which itself is a derivative of periods of radiation from caesium 133 atom.  Through use of the Bitcoin timechain, which on average 1 block is stacked every 10 minutes, you can calibrate your life patterns to a time measure directly linked to money. This is notably the only form of unambiguous time, decentralized time, stochastic time; it is liberating to finally align with a time mechanism that matches with the spontaneous and probabilistic nature of life.

Blockchain Approach:

1. Reference yourself with an accurate fiat clock. Observe the BLOCKWATCH and begin to eye the last 2 digits. We suggest recalibrating every couple of days for the first two weeks. More experienced users can go hundreds of blocks without touching base with fiat time. 

2. Congratulate yourself. You're now time-telling with the most decentralized form of time known to man. No central government or individual can impact or maliciously influence your timechain without your consent. Monitor the silent tick of Bitcoin as it slowly returns your freedom, with BLOCKWATCH.

Moscow Time Approach:

1. Every minute up or down is a buy signal.

 2. When the clock strikes midnight (00:00), we have reached Hyperbitcoinization.

Simple as that.

The significance of Moscow Time

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