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BLOCKWATCH 1 (#051-#139)

BLOCKWATCH 1 (#051-#139)

Bitcoin's Genesis Block was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto on 1/03/2009. To reflect the original block, the number of BLOCKWATCH 1 for sale will be limited to 139 units with the block height and unit number hand engraved on each circuit board.



  • 3 faces: BTC timechain, Moscow Time, BTC Public Key QR code
  • ASIC ribbon cable
  • Hand engraved unit number and blockheight when assembled
  • In-house mint encryption system enables us to confirm each BLOCKWATCH’s authenticity


System details

  • ESP32-PICO-D4 core
  • E-Paper, E-Ink Display with 200x200 pixel resolution


#001-#015 = Yellow band

#016-#025 = Retro band 

#026-#154 = Grey band


Designed, assembled, and coded in the USA

MIT License‒ open source hardware/software

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